Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Hero

At the risk of sounding mushy about how impressive we think Andrew is, I'm going to post this link to a short video about the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department. Andrew isn't in the video, but Debby (in the video) was his boss back when he worked at Moscow High School as an athletic trainer, and she's the paramedic on Andrew's ambulance crew now. Not only does the video show how amazing the sacrifice of volunteer EMTs and firefighters is, but it has some nice shots of the Palouse as well! So click here, and go to the third video at the bottom that says "Moscow" under it.

It takes a very dedicated and amazing guy to sacrifice so much of his time to the care of others. In a town 90 miles away. While in the middle of PA school. Without pay. Frequently at 2:00 in the morning. Oh, and have we mentioned that he's only required to go on 6 calls a month, but has already put in 11 calls for October? Yeah. We're pretty proud.

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