Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost Crawling!

I spent yesterday picking everything up off of the floors and then doing a thorough vacuuming and mopping. This was brought on by Eva's discovery of a new improved method of mobilization over the old "roll about". She now does a sort of army crawl/doggy paddle across the floor that is surprisingly efficient. Her bare feet and hands get great traction on the wood floor, and her clothed belly slides quite nicely on it so she just kind of scoots and spins herself every which way now! If I put out a trail of toys she'll "crawl" for a good 15 to 20 feet to get them all, and in a surprisingly short amount of time! Nothing like a crawling baby to make you keep your floors spotless! See the progression here:

And then she made it to my makeshift tri-pod and I had to move:

1 comment:

Josh and Shawna said...

She's growing up to fast!! Love those cheeks :)