Thursday, September 29, 2011

Andrew A. Becker, PA-C, ATC, EMT-B/ABC

I think that's all of the credentials that go after his name now, though I feel like I might be missing something. :) We found out this morning that Andrew passed his Physician Assistant National Certification Exam (PANCE) with flying colors (hence the "PA-C" after his name now). He scored an 800 out of 800, which as I understand it is based more on percentiles than on actual correct answers. So that means that while he didn't get every question right, the number of questions that he did get right placed him in the 99th percentile, which gives him a score of 800. I'm really not sure if I could be more proud of this guy than I am today. :) He starts work bright and early on Monday morning and we are so excited to make this final and official transition from PA student to practicing PA. God has been so kind to us and we are so humbled to see His great and glorious blessings in our lives!

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Lauren said...

Congratulations Andrew!