Sunday, September 25, 2011


Heaven for me right now would be pregnancy with no food budget to adhere to (and of course a guaranteed healthy baby and mommy, but that's kind of a given). I'm definitely in that "most everything sounds gross" stage, and even when I figure out something that sounds good (tonight it was nachos), there are no promises that it will still sound good by the time we sit down to eat it. So I had about 5 bites of nachos and then had to push my plate away. It's kind of an annoying problem, but one I am still very thankful to have. I had the same problem when I was pregnant with Eva, and remember very distinctly one evening making this wonderful fall soup that sounded delicious, but by the time I got it to the table I couldn't stomach it. So, Andrew did the same thing that he did tonight - he sent me to get whatever I wanted at the Co-op!

It's hard to not find something appetizing at our local food co-op. I usually get some sort of tasty veggie salad from the deli (cucumber, kale, something like that), but I got there a little too late tonight. So tonight's basket consisted of some gigantic peaches, some tasty looking organic apples, three kinds of cheese (a blue, an Idaho gouda, and a maple cheddar), and some new sort of agave soda with mandarin and key lime flavoring. Fruit has sounded good pretty regularly lately and it's hard to go wrong with a good cheese, so I figured I was safe with these things. I would love to be able to keep my kitchen stocked with stuff like this every day, but our monthly food budget would probably be blown in two weeks if I did that! This is seriously the biggest treat for me during pregnancy, and Andrew knows it! So now I'm just waiting for my soda to chill and for my appetite to come back so I can enjoy these yummy foods!


The Blakeys said...

Oh man, if money grew on trees, I'm pretty sure I'd go to the Co-op every day. Sorry you're feeling yuck, but yay for growing baby.

Melissa Joy said...

I totally want to come share those delicious sounding things with you! Fruit and vinegar-on-anything have been my staples. Well... at least since 16 or 18 weeks when I could actually start eating more than pretzels and lemonade again. ;)
What a sweet husband to send you out to find something! That's one awesome way to provide for his wife and Baby #4. (((hugs)))