Friday, March 16, 2012

Another update

There isn't much new for this week's update, but I so enjoy looking back on my blog posts from when I was in my last month of pregnancy with Eva that I think I should post frequent updates on this pregnancy too. Here's my handy dandy/super annoying heart monitor...

I have two little electrodes stuck to my chest at all times with a cord that plugs into this monitor that clips onto my pocket. Whenever I have a run of tachycardia, I push that "record" button and it takes a 30 second recording and stores it. Then, when I have two recordings, I call in to the hospital and transmit it over the phone. It's great fun.

Yesterday, the tachycardia was exhausting. I'm not sure why, but every time my heart rate went above 100 I had to sit or else I was sure I was going to pass out (either from the faintness or sheer exhaustion). My current record is 164 beats per minute, which is more than double my normal resting heart rate. We thought it was probably related to dehydration, but yesterday I drank a ton and still had issues, so who knows. Today has been good though and I don't think my heart rate has climbed above 120 and I haven't had any bad periods of faintness or anything. We'll see what my doctor says on Wednesday and hopefully I can stop wearing this contraption.

Despite the inconveniences and difficulties, I am still loving this pregnancy. This little guy is super active and loves to entertain me by kicking his little feet out and letting me chase them around my belly. He *seems* much more active than the girls were, but I'm not sure if that's just because I don't remember that far back or what. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing his face and snuggling his teeny little newborn self, I know I'm really going to miss feeling him squirming inside. And aside from the tachycardia and contractions, this pregnancy is really going quite well. I'm not having the sciatica  or anything that I had at this point with the girls and a lot of the other physical discomforts that I was experiencing between 20 and 30 weeks with this little guy have subsided. Yes, my belly is bruised from injections and I waddle more than I ever have and bending over is nearly impossible, but overall it's not bad! Plus we're not nearly as concerned about preterm labor at this point as we were with Eva, so that's also a huge relief. This means that I can do all the fun nesting stuff without worrying about endangering the life of my little one. What a blessing!

Andrew and I are headed out of town this weekend for a last little getaway before Aaron comes and I'm really looking forward to the time to spend with him. One last hurrah before we become a family of 5 - it's all so very exciting! Just a little over 4 weeks until we're supposed to meet our little man....

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