Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eva has Surgery

Eva was born with two little umbilical hernias and they never cleared up on their own, so we finally scheduled her for surgery today. We showed up bright and early at 6 am and she got all prepped and ready. They wheeled her back at 8:00 and she was all done by 8:45! She was very groggy and definitely not her normal Eva Joy self, but she wasn't really cranky either. After getting some water and juice and pudding (and giving the anesthesia some more time to wear off), she was feeling much better and we were cleared to head home. She loved her wheelchair ride with warm blankets and we were home and she was in her own bed by 11. So fantastic and such a relief! An umbilical hernia isn't exactly a complicated or particularly risky surgery, but parents will worry whenever their little ones are dressed in baby scrubs and laid out on a hospital bed. ;) Here's some pictures from our morning, and as you can see, Aaron was more wiped out by it than Eva was!
before surgery, after surgery, and on the way home.

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Melissa Joy said...

God bless her. What a precious princess.